about us

We are patriotic Namibians, passionate about our country, it's people, it's breathtaking beauty and largely untouched nature.  We are also keen mountain bikers who feel that our experiences in Swakopmund's surroundings are too good not to share. You can imagine our delight when introduced to fat bikes!!! An opportunity to explore the vast sea of dunes in our backyard suddenly became possible without the need for motorized vehicles or having to walk far... which also excited us as we strive to have as little impact on this fragile, natural habitat as possible. Not only do the balloon-like tyres allow for almost effortless floating over pebbles and sand but because of a wider contact area, the rider's weight is more spread and a fat bike's tacks far shallower than even footprints - making it the most ecological way to explore our delicate desert. We also hope to instill an appreciation and respect for the Namib desert habitat and its vast animal and plant life.